Sanctuary Spas Waterfront

Specialised Touch Therapies

Our highly qualified therapists blend each oil for specialised treatments according to your needs,
using highly concentrated essential oils infused with fynbos.

Hot Lava Shell Massage

60 mins | R1 790

90mins | R1 990

Designed to encourage circulation and relaxation, this massage includes the use of self-heating
hot lava shells to allow deeper pressure to the core of the muscle for excellent tension relief.

CBD Sports Massage

60 mins | R1 590

90 mins | R1 790

This massage is designed to relieve muscle ache, reduce inflammation and assist with the healing process. The specialised CBD oil is designed to support injury recovery, and to help heal muscle strains and relieve joint pain (arthritis and rheumatoid arthritis).

Cupping Ceremony

60 mins | R1 590

90 mins | R1 790

A modern treatment based on ancient face- and body-cupping therapy practices that achieves
medical and therapeutic results, enhancing circulation and expelling toxins and waste from the body.


60 mins

R1 190

By targeting reflex points on your feet and legs with pressure, this ancient healing practice helps to stimulate and balance the body’s energy flow. Reflexology provides deep relaxation, promotes improved circulation, relieves pain and tension, and enhances overall wellbeing.

Lymph Drainage Therapy

60 mins

R1 290

A gentle, rhythmic and stretching massage in which the therapist controls the flow of lymph within the body. This boosts the immune system, clears blockages, removes toxins, transports nutrients and increases blood flow and metabolism.



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