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We are dedicated to providing expert guidance and personalized solutions to help you create a world-class spa experience. Our team of experienced professionals will work with you to design and implement a customized plan that meets your unique needs and exceeds your expectations. Whether you are looking to enhance your existing spa or create a new one from scratch, we are here to help you achieve your goals and maximize your success. Let us help you create a spa experience that is both luxurious and unforgettable.

Sanctuary Spas & Group

The Process

One of the many features we pride ourselves on is the learning approach. We are ideas people who creatively transform constraints into opportunities. We hope to mold them to your business requirements in our quest to make Southern Africa one of the most highly rated spa destinations in the world. During the consultancy period, Sanctuary Spa will assist and advise on the following important factors: Creation, Management & Marketing.

Development & Design

  • Work with your Project Manager, Architect and Interior Decorator on the design, furniture specs and operational spa concept.

  • Recommend and facilitate all supplier purchases products, linen, equipment, and computer infrastructure etc.

Technical Assistance,
Planning & Implementation

  • Planning and recommendations on pre-opening cost.

  • Local market price analysis and competitors treatment analysis. Whereby we will identify 5 properties to compare prices, facilities and offers.

  • Development of signature, specialised body treatments and packages.

  • Each spa set-up offers at least one unique signature treatment that no other spa offers. Based on the environment, and the product and the scope of your guests, a unique treatment will be developed that will be exclusively on offer at your spa.

  • Creation of a unique spa treatment menu and recommendations on treatment pricing taking into account the target market. A treatment menu will be devised to include the basic services that people expect from a world-class Spa as well as signature and specialised treatments which will give the Spa that point of difference that sets it apart in the market.

  • Preparation of first year operating Budget Prepare Pre-Opening Budget.

  • Treatment standards and procedures manual. We hand-pick only internationally qualified staff and provide them with the tools and support to enable them to deliver high service standards and take pride in their work. To facilitate this, we have developed the Sanctuary-exclusive training manuals and procedures that deliver 5-star training.

  • Front of house procedure manual

  • Marketing Plan We will deliver a 6-month marketing plan. Create a Facebook and Instagram account. *Actual cost related to implementation are for the owners account. Assist your marketing team with the spa launch (Planning and Execution).

  • Brand development assistance Design of menus and other printed material and collateral. We assist in briefing our graphic designers on the look and feel.

Operations & Marketing Phase

  • Spa Operating Procedure Manual To achieve the level of performance we expect from our staff, we have developed a comprehensive SOP manual that will be provided to the Spa Managers the manual is also used as a training tool for new staff on an on-going basis. All new staff will undergo intensive training, prior to opening of the Spa to ensure they are proficient in all Treatments, and procedures

  • Coordination and generation of appropriate Spa corporate identity, alongside preferred designers, including:

  • Design of uniforms to compliment the Spa image. Suggestions on the design of uniform will be presented for your approval.

  • Design of stationary (i.e. Logo)

  • Recommendations on Staff Structure and Staff Categories. According to the size of the Spa and the services offered, a staffing structure will be recommended to ensure that a five- star International Standard is consistently achieved.

  • Recruitment and training of staff and management and input on salary structures and incentives. We provide recruitment at an additional cost, as we have well established contacts. Training will be provided on par with the world’s Leading Spas standards, as trained staff is your most important asset in the business. We will determine the staffing structures with salary recommendations, commissions and incentives.

  • Proposal of Stock Control Inventory Procedures and Recommended Budget. We will implement an operating system that will access accurate reports, inventory and stock orders on a daily basis. Being in the industry for many years we have a lot of experience running spas and as such we can suggest a cost effective budget. A realistic cost effective budget helps to save on cost as it is comprehensive. We take into account all expenses that may be incurred in the running of the business.

  • Suggested Operating System Software. We have a Spa Management system that we have helped design due to our exacting standards and requirements. It has become well-known and a respected Spa software program

  • Establish Association and Relationships with On-going Suppliers. With over 20 years in the industry, we have developed a trusted network of suppliers that we draw on when establishing relationships that underpin the new Spa’s functioning. These suppliers will include equipment, product, consumables, cleaning materials etc.  

  • Maintenance. A file will be created outlining ideal operating standards and methods of maintaining all equipment and facilities.



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